What are the Best Business and Investment Opportunities?

There are an almost limitless number of business opportunities available today. They include everything from sales, real estate, small business, home business, marketing, franchising, advertising, business services, internet business, etc. But many of them require a large investment. Many internet businesses only require an initial small investment, but many are not profitable. A lot of people have spent a large amount of time and money on businesses that failed. Some of the best business opportunities do not take a lot of time or money. Most of these are internet businesses. One of the best ways to make money on the internet is by becoming an affiliate with another internet business. ClickBank is one of these. With ClickBank you promote a product as an affiliate with an internet marketer. You will get a percentage for every referred customer sale.

There are many investment opportunities available: mutual funds, stocks, bonds, Treasury securities, savings bonds, variable annuities, commodities, commodity futures, options, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), and a lot more. But, you need to trust the company that is making these investments on your behalf or you may lose money. Also, you need a substantial amount of money to produce a substantial profit. If you have money to invest, I would recommend either mutual funds or real estate.

To invest in mutual funds, find a reputable broker. I do not recommend using online brokers unless you have a great deal of knowledge and experience investing in stocks and mutual funds. Determine what kind of investor you are. Do you fit in the conservative, moderate, or aggressive category. A word to the wise though. Watch your funds to make sure they are performing well. Brokers will not call you if your funds are doing poorly.

To invest in real estate, find a reputable real estate agent. Buying houses to rent is an excellent way to boast your income. Make sure your down payment is enough so that you receive a positive cash flow from your rent after you subtract your mortgage payment, maintenance expenses, etc.

So, in summary, the most profitable business opportunity is becoming an affiliate with an internet marketer and the most profitable investments are in mutual funds and buying and renting real estate.

Learn Exactly How To Effectively And Tastefully Utilize Forums As A Business-Product Marketing Tool

Forums that you frequently post on can be an excellent source of interested contacts as long as you do it tactfully.

First, The Proper Use Of Forum Signatures (sigs).

Putting a small signature on the bottom of your posts in a forum you frequent is a very good way of getting people to your site. Most forum’s allow you to specify a sig in your profile or account settings.

There are wrong ways to do it, but no right way written in stone. How you do it depends on your personality and personal style. I will list the wrong ways, then give you some tips on getting the most out of forums.

First the _wrong_ ways:

  • Do Not spam your sig with a lot of “salesy” copy. Keep it simple and clear.
  • Do not use ALL CAPS in any part of your sig, it annoys people.
  • Do not create a post for the sole purpose of promoting your site. Create posts with useful content for the reader, and let them read your sig themselves.

Now some useful tips:

  • Do try to create a compelling catch-phrase to get people to click, but don’t overdo it.
  • Don’t sell. Share. Write your copy like you are sharing this cool product with them. No one likes to be sold.
  • Advertise either the product or the business. Never both at the same time.
  • Decide if you are going to promote the business or product based on the people and nature of the forum. Do the users have a work at home mindset? Or are they more likely to go for the product?
    More is not necessarily better.

    I did a little test of the last fact. I made up two sigs for a forum I frequent. The first was purposely a loud, medium sized sig to draw a lot of attention. I tracked the amount of traffic I got from that sig which had a lot of information, then I changed the sig to this:

    Are you a business builder?


    Guess what? I got slightly more traffic with the second one. Play on people’s curiosity. Remember to play with different sigs to see how they perform.

    The Proper Way To Post Replies About Your Business:

    One final tip about forums, when you answer a post about working from home, or making extra money, it is critical that you don’t just promote your business. Mention a few ideas, plus your business. It is fine if your business is the best of the options you provide. The reason for this is to show the person you actually are trying to help, and don’t just care about promoting your business.

    Here is a breakdown of the steps:

    1. Provide a generic, useful answer that you don’t profit from. This does two things, a: it establishes you as a knowledgeable person, b: it establishes you as someone who really wants to help.
    2. Provide your solution, and mention it as a solution to their _exact_ problem. Word it in a friendly, helpful manner.
    3. End with an additional suggestion non-related to your business to regain your status as a helpful, knowledgeable person. Try not to end on the feeling of you selling them something.

    Just remember to always treat your MLM or other marketing business like a business, act like a professional and people will notice it and react positively to it.

It is Now Time for Your Business to Market to Hispanic Consumers

For many years demographics experts have been warning the marketing departments of large American corporations and even small businesses to concentrate on marketing to the Hispanic population. Previously, although this was good advice back then as well, it certainly was not as great advice as it is now.

This is because the exponential growth of the Hispanic consumer has been nothing short of a rocket ship over the last decade and now if you are not on the boat marketing to Hispanic consumers and customers you are missing a gigantic chunk of the market.

If you failed to jump on the bandwagon as it got going, then you better get on the bandwagon now because this train has left the station. In fact this train is moving so fast it might be a magnetic levitation train, which is really a spacecraft launching device to the stars. It appears in studying the demographics that they are not slowing down but rather speeding up and more and more Hispanic consumers are entering the middle class and even topping out the middle class.

Businesses would be well advised to take a good long hard look at this changing demographic and get ready for escape velocity and increase your sales by selling to Hispanic customers. More and more Hispanic people are also running their own business is and if you sell your services or products to other businesses you might also consider that there is a growing market of Hispanic business owners that probably need what you sell. Please consider all this in 2006.